5 reasons to visit Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs

Egypt is a country hosting one of the oldest civilizations in the world that, dates back 5000 years. Every city in Egypt has a story behind it, but there’s more to this country than being labeled as the “Land of Pharaohs.” This destination has been labeled to be one of the safest and most affordable travel destinations, where visitors are free to explore all the cultural attractions it holds.
Here are some of the reasons that make Egypt a popular destination.

The Rich History

The first thing that comes to mind about Egypt is the Pyramids. For hundreds of years, the Giza pyramids have been a tourist attraction along with the Great Pyramids of Khufu, which stand as the greatest wonders of the world. The pyramids have been designed with attention to detail, as limestone was used in the construction. The Nile River is also another attraction and one of the longest rivers in the world.

The Moderate Climate

Egypt may seem like a country with a hot climate, but that’s not entirely true. It does have a hot desert climate but the weather is generally cool. October till April is cooler month with maximum temperature being 37 degrees and minimum being 14 degrees. The months September to November are best for visiting the desert Safari. The best suggested time for visiting Egypt is February to April and October to November.

The Tropical beauty

There are resorts that Tourists can visit to enjoy a relaxing time. One of them is Hurghada known for its sandy beaches and moderate climate along with deserts. Marsa Alam and El Gouna are also some of the coastal resorts where activities such as riding quad bikes, submarines can be done. Snorkeling and diving to see the coral reef can also be done.

The Hospitality of the Egyptians

Egyptians are famous for their hospitality and offer help to those in need. They are open to learning about other people’s cultures and traditions. They make sure that their guests feel welcomed. Being hospitable is a fundamental characteristic in Egypt.

The Historical attractions

Historical attractions are one of the top reasons to visit Egypt. Tourists visit from all over the world to see some of the attractions and landmarks based in Egypt. The most famous are Cairo, Giza and Alexandria. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and has some of the most beautiful mosques along with exceptional churches. The Giza is another famous spot as it hosts the Sphinx and Valley temple linked together. The third is Alexandria, a city full of attractions such as Library of Alexandria, Citadel of Qaitbay, beaches, shops and cafes.
These are just some of the reasons to visit Egypt a country that has a lot to offer from cultural attractions to authentic experiences. This is a destination that simply can’t be missed out on and has to be on your travel bucket list.

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